Directed by Mike Hathaway
Performances Aug 25 - Sept 10
Bring a current headshot and resume. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES
ONSTAGE in Bedford is a volunteer/member organization. We cannot engage Equity performers.
Set during a contemporary re-enactment of the 1862 Battle of Shiloh, this sharply observed comedy written by Doris Baizley aims its sights at two women -- one a Union nurse, the other a Confederate refugee -- who are battling for the esteemed title of Best Female Re-enactor of the Year. As the competition (intensified by their young trainees and the goading of a concessionaire) increases, it leads to real conflict with an African-American female park ranger with no interest in being in 1862. Amidst all the laughs, Shiloh Rules, playing at ONSTAGE in Bedford, also shines a light on some thoughtful themes, suggesting that perhaps not all of the conflicts of the Civil War were buried after the battles ended. TARRANT COUNTY PREMIERE
CLARA MAY ABBOTT, 40-60, Union nurse re-enactor and rival of Cecilia. Can be from anywhere BUT the South.
MEG BARTON, 18-30, new Union nurse re-enactor; Clara's trainee who finds she's stronger than she thinks.
CECILIA DELAUNAY PETTISON, 40-60, a consummate Confederate refugee re-enactor and reigning "Best Female Re-enactor of the Year" who believes more in the past than the present day. Must have an impeccable genteel Southern (not Texan) dialect.
LUCYGAYLE SCRUGGS 18 - 30, a new Confederate refugee re-enactor and Cecilia's trainee. Perfecting a horrible, put-on Southern dialect would be great (and she actually hails from Tennessee).
WIDOW BECKWITH, 30-60, sassy concessionaire and newsletter publisher for both sides. Can be from anywhere.
RANGER WILSON, US Park Ranger, 20-40, an African-American woman who would rather be anywhere than the Shiloh Battlefield

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