Why don't you have Season Tickets like other theaters?

The biggest difference is the name. By using the "Membership" feature offered by Vendini (our ticketing partner), we can make the whole process of reserving your seats quicker and easier.


What's the difference between a Standard Plan Membership and a Flex Plan Membership?


With a  STANDARD Membership, you have purchased ONE SEAT per person (depending on your membership level) for each show:


  • Standard – 1 Person:  book one (1) seat per each production
  • Standard – 2 Person:  book two (2) seats per each production
  • Standard – 3 Person:  book three (3) seats per each production
  • Standard – 4 Person:  book four (4) seats per each production


With a FLEX Membership, you have purchased seven, fourteen, twenty-one or twenty-eight TICKETS that can be used at any time, for any show, in any quantity, until the maximum number purchased with your membership is reached:


  • Flex – 7 Tickets:   seven (7) tickets total to use however you like for the season
  • Flex – 14 Tickets: fourteen (14) tickets total to use however you like for the season
  • Flex – 21 Tickets: twenty-one (21) tickets total to use however you like for the season
  • Flex – 28 Tickets: twenty-eight(28) tickets total to use however you like for the season


Which is best for me?

Generally speaking, the Standard Plan Membership is the best deal at $13 per seat, especially since you no longer have to make your reservtaions for the entire season right away. The Flex Plan at $15 per seat offers more flexibility, though, as it offers seven reservations per Membership to be used one at a time or all at once, or anything in between. 

  • If you are fairly confident you will not need to change your reservations once they are made and you plan to see every show, get the Standard Plan. (You can still change your reservations, but we will asses a $2 fee for each change, which knocks that particular reservation up to the equivalent of the Flex Plan price.)
  • If your schedule changes frequently and at the last minute, and you anticipate needing to change your reservations, or if you plan to miss a show or two and bring guests to others, go with the Flex Plan. There are no service fees for changing your reservations.


If I purchase a Standard Plan Membership, do I have to book my reservations for the entire year in advance?

No! Isn't it great? For either the Standard or Flex Plan Memberships, you can make your reservations at any time! Of course, the good seats go quickly, so you may want to consider booking early. Then again, there are no bad seats at ONSTAGE!


What about service fees?

There is still a nominal fee for online purchases. For Standard Plan Members, a $2 service fee per seat will apply to each reservation change. For Flex Plan Members, no service fee will apply for any changes in reservations.

Can I use my Press Pass or any other discount to purchase my Membership?

Sorry, but with discounts of up to 45% off face value, we cannot offer additional discounts when you purchase a Membership.