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About our home

ONSTAGE in Bedford's is currently the second floor of the Old Bedford School House, originally build in 1915 and almost completely rebuilt in 1995 after a fire completely destroyed the roof and severely damaged the structure. 

The second floor was rebuilt as a replication of a vintage school auditorium, with the intent of becoming a community gathering place for town halls, piano recitals and the like. Until recently the entire building was mainly used as a wedding venue.

Shortly before the city leased the second floor to ONSTAGE (the first floor has become the home to the Bedford Senior Center), they were in the process of upgrading both the sound and lighting systems. We assisted in the development of the lighting system so it would be suitable for use in theatrical productions and in late 2021, we're expanding the stage area to become a thrust configuration and create more stage surface. 

A plan was presented to take out the first two rows of seats while space usage was still being nailed down, and after that plan was no longer needed, we asked the city to continue with that plan to accommodate the stage expansion.  This is the reason we don't have a Row B and our wheelchair accessible seats are what remains of Row A.  Row J was also removed for additional audience comfort and adding in a technical booth for lights and sound.  The city is safely storing all of those seats.


Each "Tier" is just a single, shallow step up, with two rows on each tier. Seats are actually staggered and more on a curve than displayed on this chart (see inset photo). 


Row A is reserved exclusively for patrons with wheelchairs, walkers, or scooters and their companions. 


The twelve seats on the far left are reserved for volunteers and patrons who arrive late, and will generally not be for sale.

Seating Chart FINAL.png
Seatsing Photo.png

Seat C1

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Seating Chart

Photos from the city's Facebook page

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